Webinar: Cars, Consumers & Credit Cycles

Tom Webb, chief economist for Cox Automotive, recently hosted an interactive webinar with NextGear Capital where he discussed the industry and economic factors that will likely impact the used vehicle market in 2017.

Video: NextGear Capital Frees Up Dealer Cash Flow

NextGear Capital allows you to finance both your new and used inventory, freeing up cash flow for operations and other business expenses. We're revolutionizing the finance industry with innovative solutions shaped by our customers needs.

Webinar: A Non-Traditional Road to a Sale

The traditional road to a sale with 10 or 12 steps served the automotive industry well, but today’s successful used car dealer should consider implementing a few detours along the way. Millennials make up the largest percentage of today’s retail consumer, outnumbering baby boomers. Millennial consumers bring new challenges to the selling process. Joe Lescota,…

Video: Floor Planning with NextGear Capital

NextGear Capital simplifies the floor planning process, offering customers account access anywhere, any time. Let us provide you the tools that allow you to stock more vehicles, close more deals, earn more business and keep up with customer demand all while keeping your own cash on hand.