Custom Dealer Floor Planning Options

Find a Used Car Floor Plan That Fits Your Needs

Floor plan financing empowers tens of thousands of dealers worldwide to stock their lots with the in-demand inventory consumers are after. Today’s independent dealers have access to numerous used car floor plan options. Additional capital can take a good business to great, so it’s imperative to select a dealer floor plan provider that makes sense for your individual business needs.

At NextGear Capital, we offer a wide range of dealer floor planning options that support remarketed unit purchases with short and long term solutions. From non-traditional lending options to revolving lines of credit, our comprehensive lending solutions have something for every dealer – regardless of size or location.

Dealer floor planning offers many benefits when compared to buying with cash at the auction. An independent dealer using floor plan financing can increase their buying power, make more strategic purchases and free up cash flow needed for lot improvements and expansions. Find out what kind of dealer floor plan is right for your business by contacting us today!