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Since 2010, the Autotrader Sourcing program has been conducting an annual survey of consumers who bought vehicles from over 400 franchise and independent dealerships across the U.S. So far, a total of approximately 400,000 new and used car buyers have been surveyed. One of the primary purposes of the research is to examine two of the most important questions car shoppers ask themselves when purchasing a vehicle:

1. What type of vehicle am I going to get?

2. Who am I going to get it from?

An analysis of the 2015 survey of 38,169 respondents showed that 84% of new car buyers and 73% of used car buyers surveyed bought a vehicle to replace the one they were driving at the time of purchase. The research provided insights into a variety of important questions about these vehicle “re-purchasers,” including what percentage of them:

• Returned to buy from the same dealership

• Re-purchased the same make

• Re-purchased the same make and model

The survey also provided a glimpse of what drove their shopping decisions.

Download the white paper to learn more about earning the attention of potential re-purchasers.