Our local account executives are dedicated to your dealership’s growth and success. Their industry expertise combined with our cutting-edge technology ensure you have a floor planning partner that works for you and your dealership. Find the account executive nearest you below.

 Name Division Region Market State Email
Mike Macdougall Canada Western Canada Manitoba Saskatchewan MB mike.macdougall@coxautinc.com
Alex Lack Canada Western Canada Alberta South AB alex.lack@coxautinc.com
Stacey Mills Canada Western Canada British Columbia BC stacey.mills@coxautoinc.com
Jeffrey Dunham Canada Western Canada Alberta North AB jeffrey.dunham@coxautoinc.com
Youssef Bou-Saba Canada Eastern Canada Quebec West QC youssef.bou-saba@coxautoinc.com
Jonathan Boudry-Cyr Canada Eastern Canada Quebec East QC jonathan.boudry-cyr@coxautoinc.com
Robert Ellerbeck Canada Eastern Canada Atlantic Canada NS robert.ellerbeck@coxautoinc.com
Ebrahim Ahmad Canada Central Canada Ontario North East ON ebrahim.ahmad@coxautoinc.com
Andrew Snetsinger Canada Central Canada Ontario South ON andrew.snetsinger@coxautoinc.com
Don Talbot Canada Central Canada Ontario South East ON don.talbot@coxautoinc.com
Debbie Snary Canada Central Canada Toronto East ON debbie.snary@coxautoinc.com
Susan Kovacs Canada Central Canada Toronto West ON susan.kovacs@coxautoinc.com
Sherin Solomon Canada Canada Corporate Dealer Canada Major Dealer ON sherin.solomon@coxautoinc.com
Deborah Roy Canada Canada Corporate Dealer Canada Minor Dealer ON deborah.roy@coxautoinc.com